Tracknovate GPS Tracking

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is used to track machine life, fuel usage, and consumables. The technology also provides mapping and replays vehicle location history with real time alerts and notifications. Using this technology, RKSCPL is able to guide drivers and operators on the right path, enabling fuel savings of ~25%.

Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization is done using Fly Ash soil stabilizer to enhance soil properties. This process is a cost effective and an environment friendly techno-innovative solution for soil erosion. Due to non-availability of usable soil, RKSCPL is forced to bring soil from faraway locations which costs a lot. Soil stabilization helps make the available soil usable.

Re-Using Milled Material in Road Bases

Re-Using Milled Material in Road Bases using milling machine is a great value addition to RKSCPL’s innovations. The process involves deploying Milling Machines to separate available aggregate portions from existing roads. RKSCPL then blends this material (40%) and fresh aggregate (60%) to suit the specifications. This process has been approved by Road Construction Authorities.