• We are the winner of “Best Builders Award for the year 2006” by builder’s association.
  • We are the constructor of EPCC-12C at panipat.
  • We are the constructor of Jharkhand cricket stadium.
  • We are the constructor of Jharkhand’s first International football stadium.
  • We are builders for the first Software Technology Park of the Jharkhand state.
  • We are the builders of New Collectariate building of Ranchi.
  • We are involved in the project of MORST & H state highway.
  • OIDB, Noida is one of the feather of our cap.

Few more milestone projects held by us are :

STPI Building, Ranchi , Hotwar Central Jail, Ranchi, Re-Construction of Hatgamaria ( Kasim Chowk )
Jagannathpur – Noamundi – Barajamda – Baraiburu (upto Karo Crossing) Road, (Kms. 0.0 to 44.8)